Group Monitoring

Group Monitoring–

  • Group Consistency
  • Group Routine
  • Daily Group Monitoring Data
  • Group Heat Stress



Group Consistency

Daily Group Consistency graph and report help us to Monitor and analyze long-term rumination trends, and highlight any irregularities at the group level:

Daily Group Monitoring Data

This graph compares groups within the herd to the entire herd average. Comparisons
are possible for milk yield, activity, and rumination minutes.

Group Routine

You can Control routine disorders at the group level. The report highlights real-time irregularities in activity and rumination at the group or herd level that may indicate routine issues, feed and water supply issues, spreading illnesses, group panic or stress, or other disruptions to a stable daily routine.

Group Heat Stress

The Group Heat Stress application displays the current status and 48-hour trend of Panting, Ruminating, and Eating, all in five-minute resolution. The application enables the farmer to see immediately if a group is getting overheated and to easily analyse the effectiveness of his farm heat mitigation strategies.