Health Monitoring

Health Monitoring–

  • Health Report
  • Pre-fresh Cow monitoring 
  • Fresh Cow monitoring
  • Distress Monitoring

Health Report

Detect health issues early on, when there are only early clinical signs, and take action to avoid
further deterioration and reduce medical and mortality costs
• Quickly see if and how cows respond to veterinary treatments, to optimize recovery and improve
cost-effectiveness of the treatment
• Distress alerts• Pre-calving
• Post-calving• General distress

Fresh cow monitoring

Post-calving Distress Alerts − alerts give early warning of potential post-calving distress and disease when rumination stops beyond normal after the calving period.

Pre-fresh cow monitoring

Pre-calving Distress Alerts − real-time alerts are triggered when the system identifies long period of no Rumination, which indicates that the cow is experiencing unusual stress during the expected calving period.

Distress Monitoring

ProCalve Distress Monitoring Report: Safeguard your cows’ health during the critical and sensitive period before and after calving.