Heat Monitoring

Heat Monitoring–

  • Cow In Heat
  • Irregular Heat
  • Repeat Breeding
  • Suspected for abortion
  • Fertility Summery

Cow In Heat--

The Heat Index Examining more than just activity!
By using multiple information entries, SCR is introducing a Heat

Irregular Heat–

Cows with Irregular Heats are a drain on the Herd. The Cows with Irregular Heats report identifies cows with 3 or more system heats over the last 30 days.

Repeat Breeders–

Repeat Breeders: This report displays all of the animals, milking cows and heifers, that have been bred more than 4 times and are still not pregnant. Note: if we want to change the parameters 4 times we can change it. please confirm accordingly we will create another report for that.

Fertility Summary--

The Fertility Summary report is a comprehensive yet compact tool to analyze farm.performance and provide insights on various aspects of the breeding program.

Suspected for Abortion--

In determining whether a pregnant cow aborted.
The system algorithm evaluates the probability of pregnancy by analyzing events and heat history for each cow.

•Reliability: For this reason, the data in the system must be accurately documented.

•Better control over abortions: since the cycle history is part of the pregnancy probability calculation, the Suspected for Abortion report is more reliable.

•If a cow remains in INSEM status or dropping in her status, it means that the system identified signs of significant heat after the insemination.