Siloking TMR Available from 5 Meter Cube to 14 Meter cube:

  • Light weight and compact.
  • The smart is suited for small farms.
  • Low loading Height.
  • Weighing system as standard.
  • Wide angle drive shaft.
  • Straw ring movable with chain(Optional)
  • Adjustable hardened XS knives.
  • Lower linkage ring 40MM fix with mechanical jack.
  • Additional foldable conveyor belt for feed discharge into higher(Optional)
  • Discharge door at front right and additional discharge door at rear left(Optional)

>The mini range of TMR (5 m³)

The SILOKING Smart has been developed with two important facts in mind – minimum cost with maximum reliability! It fulfills these requirements in a perfect way, offering proven SILOKING Technology that is reliable as usual. The compact design provides it with optimal maneuverability for flexible use and makes it the first choice especially for smaller farms.

The details make the difference mentioned below

The through drive shaft guarantees the smooth running of the machine for low wear and long life. The safe step allows for looking into the mixing hopper: thanks to its position on the square-bar frame, the operator does not affect the weighing system when he climbs onto it (for adding mineral feed, for example). In view of exact weighing, the load cells are mounted onto the square-bar frame below the mixing hopper even with this compact feed mixer, which considerably increases durability.


>The medium-range of TMR (7 m³ – 14 m³)

The TMR feed mixer SILOKING Compact is a medium-range model with all the benefits of a big feed mixer!

The SILOKING TrailedLine Classic Compact range with one turbo auger is ideal even for use in confined buildings, e. g. with small and low barn passages. The short chassis of the TMR mixer is particularly flexible and easy to manoeuver. The drive and the frame are designed for maximum continuous load even in this range. Comprehensive serial equipment, such as the 2-speed gearbox from model Compact 10-T upwards, the underrun protection with lighting and the ladder mounted to the frame is SILOKING standard. Thanks to its hopper geometry and the robust drive, the TMR mixer can be used not only for standard mixes but also for breaking up round bales and for cutting long-fibered feed.

Various discharge options

A large variety of discharge options is offered to suit any farm, from feed discharge via discharge doors on the right or on the left, through the SILOKING Cross conveyor belt at the front or at the rear, to an additional foldable conveyor belt for very high troughs.


Stationary vertical TMR feed mixing and dosing systems from 12 m³ to 40 m³ with optional loading or unloading conveyor

SILOKING StaticLine Feeding 4.0 is perfectly suited for integration into indoor feeding systems (farms with stationary feeding system or Feed Centers).

Compact design
The motor and the planetary gearbox of SILOKING StaticLine Feeding 4.0 vertical mixing and dosing systems are interconnected and are located under the mixing hopper in a protected position. This makes it possible to load the machine from any side and offers free working area around the mixing system. All vertical mixing systems are provided with a SILOKING 4-planet gearbox with a maximum torque of 52,000 Nm. The reinforced bevel gear system and 100 % oil lubrication offer high operational reliability.
The SILOKING turbo auger works at an ideal auger speed of 18 rpm for mixing and 38 rpm for complete emptying.

Complete or integrated – you have the choice
SILOKING StaticLine Feeding 4.0 vertical mixing systems can be simply integrated into existing systems or be delivered as complete “plug and play” installations. The weighing system can be equipped with interfaces for easy connection to external control systems.