Herd Management Software


Today’s dairy farms are bigger and more complex than ever before – and, the larger the farm, the most challenging it is to manage. As farms consolidate into large-scale multi-disciplinary operations, and entrepreneurs set up new dairy farming companies, farm managers must transform into business managers. Employees, professional service providers, consultants, suppliers, and of course the herd, all need to be managed efficiently.

Cow Health & Heat Monitoring Software helps to manage your Dairy Farm.

Boost your management capabilities with

SCR Heatime® Pro System

SCR Heatime Pro is advanced, yet easy-to-use, centralized monitoring system designed for large dairy farms. SCR Heatime Pro provides powerful capabilities that simplify and improve decision-making in multiple areas:

  • Reproduction
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Distress Alerts
  • Group Monitoring
  • Heat Stress

Put powerful data management to work

Efficiently access and follow up on accurate and advanced data on individual cows, groups and herd.

  • Detailed cow card – Starting from date of birth, with life-time events reporting and description
  • Groups management
  • Logical checks – Data entry validation assures database quality and reliability
  • Batch event edits and reporting – Save time

Customize to your needs

Create, dene and change multiple reports and dashboards. With this flexible solution, di‑erent users can easily and quickly access the information and data management functions most relevant to them.

  • Users can build their own reports from a large set of report options
  • Reports can be imported and exported

Grow with an integration-ready, scalable solution

Your investment is protected with a system that is designed for integration and features robust
third-party connectivity, optional upgrades, and parlor integration.

  • Easy software integration with industry-leading herd management systems* – Leverage your
    existing workflow for greater ease-of-use and time savings
  • Seamless integration to a complete parlor management system
  • Can be integrated with auxiliary systems – Sorting gates, walk-on scales, individual
    feeding, and more

Enjoy a user-friendly tool

Make effective, data-driven decisions at the speed of business, with this fast and responsive
management system

  • User-friendly interface and powerful data processing minimize system response time and enable users to quickly access reports, implement changes, and share information.
  • Multi-user, 24/7 access to cow monitoring data management.