Bucket Milking Machine


The milking machine is easy to use. With the help of these machines, any person can do the milking of cattle. Through this Bucket Milking Machine, the milk quantity is increased as complete milk is removed from the udder of cattle which is not possible during the manual milking process. Also, it takes less time as compared to the manual milking process.

  • We have developed this device for maintaining the hygienic condition of cattle and the quality of milk by simultaneously reducing human interference during manual milking.
  • These milking machines help in the assimilation of milk more effectively.

Key Features

  • Easy for the dairyman – milking 8-10 cows per hour with a milking machine.
  • Pleasant to the animal-simulate call sucking.
  • Consistent milking practice – Uniform Milking.
  • Ensures hygiene and udder health.
  • Economical.
  • Ideal for small farmers and small/medium dairy farms.
  • Help to produce better milk quality.
  • Increased productivity through better manpower management.
  • Non-polluting i.e. eco-friendly solution.
  • Available in single Buckets, double buckets, and four buckets.
  • Available in belt-driven / coupled type milking machine.


We have developed  the most modern cluster to make milking more efficient,  healthier for the animal and better for the dairy farmer.

Milk Tube:

The inner white layer of a special thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) rubber has superb hygienic properties and is resistant to butterfat and acids. Butterfat cannot pass through this layer, so the tube stays clean.
The black rubber outer provides high durability and flexibility and resists ozone cracking commonly seen in dairy tubes.

  • Helps maintain milk quality.
  • Resists the butterfats in the milk.
  • Resists cracking.
  • Long lasting.

Triangular liners:

  •  controlled balanced air flow.
  • improved teat condition.
  • Better milk quality
  • Improved cow comfort.
  • Lower somatic cell count and reduced cases of mastitis.

Claw 200 cc

  • Light weight unique design making it easy to hold.
  • Ideally spaced nipple for optimum cluster position and balance.
  • 360 degree milk flow visibility.


  • Better and easier grip.
  • Anti twist mechanism to keep the liner correctly positioned.
  • Light weight to reduce stress on the cow.


  • Developed the most modern cluster to make milking more efficient, healthier for the animal and better for the dairy farmer.
  • Light weight cluster which are easier on the cow and the milker.
  • Long lasting

How does it Works?

Mouth piece vented liners reduce the damaging effects of Vaccum on the cows teats.

No Cross Contamination

Controlled air flow to improve milk movement away from the Cow teat.

Gentler milking

  • Vacuum and pulsation curves demonstrate the gentler milking Action of the vented liner.
  • Long lasting

CLAW 300:

  • All claw configurations are made to order All claw configurations have 13mm milk nipples at a 45 degree angle and have the capacity to hold 300cc.
  • Lightweight Ergonomic and unique design making it easy to hold The Radel®
  • Material makes the claw highly impact resistant
  • Ideally spaced nipples for optimum cluster position and balance 360° Milk flow visibility


  • Somatic cell count reduction over all farms
  • Reduction in clinical mastitis in 12 of 20 farms, with the remaining 8 farms at the same level
  • Reduction in lipolyse generation across all farms (from an already low starting point)
  • Reduction in teat damage on all farms
  • Reduction in hyperkeratosis on all farms


  • Better and easier grip.Anti-twist mechanism to keep the liner correctly positioned
  • Triangular inner profile to reduce the air space between the triangular liner and the shell. This makes the liner more responsive to the pulsation signals.
  • Designed to take variable weight rings so that you can tailor the weight of your cluster.
  • Lightweight to reduce stress on the cow – and the herdsmen.