DF 2 Parlour or Fully Automatic Parlor

Uniquely comprehensive management system for controlling both milking and cow monitoring

The SEFA Data Flow II System is a complete, integrated, real-time, PC-based cow monitoring and milking management solution. A PC-based solution, It delivers real-time information on cows’ reproductive, health and wellbeing status, and on the milking process.

Standalone Milking Parlor (Herringbone/Swing over)

The SEFA Standalone parlor system is only for milking management in both Herringbone and swing over structure. It’s a pulsator based system, in this parlor we use variable pulsation pulsator which work on the basis of milk flow rate of cow. The milk from cow is shown individually on each pulsators. Pulsator have integrated display, easy to maintain and very few moving parts.

MC200 Milking controller

  • Pulsator with integrated display Or External Display
  • Simple operation.
  • Sophisticated Reliable electronic individual pulsation.
  • Easy to maintain and dust resilient pulsator with very few moving parts.
  • Alphanumeric alerts on low milk and take-off.
  • Reach functionality with fully adjustable parameters, delays and option settings.
  • Affordable solutions for either high and low milk line (higher accuracy in low line).

FFS 30 free flow optical sensor

  • Small dimensions
  • Continuous free-flowing milk measurement
  • Minimal vacuum fluctuations – Uninterrupted flow
  • No moving or wearing parts – Zero maintenance
  • Long-lasting, stable and accurate measuring
  • Immediate detection of a kicked milking cluster
  • Conductivity is optional when using PC(FFS30C)

PPB30 Pushbutton

Push button gives the command for milking start, stop and manual milking.

If the Milking Mode is set to Prevent Milking no number of Milking Button clicks will allow milking. The Prevent Milking Alert must be released from the Milking Pit Terminal.

Connection box

In the connection box all connection like a push button, zpulsa