Group Routine Monitoring

Real-Time Group Routine -Overview

Market Need:

Control routine disorders at the group level.
Solution:The report highlights real-timeirregularities in activity and rumination at the group or herd level that may indicate routine issues, feed and water supply issues, spreading illnesses, group panic or stress, or other disruptions to a stable daily routine.


  • Supported systems: Heatime® HR/Pro, HealthyCow24 ®
  • Supported tag: HR LD
  • Method of analysis: Real-Time Rumination and Activity data are measured to highlight abnormalities at the group or herd level.
  • Group size: minimum 20 tags
  • Output: report , graph and alerts
  • Data interval: real-time
  • Alerts:yes
  • Full Tag coverage is recommended

Real-Time Group Routine –Recommended Actions

  • Check the report on a daily basis, especially when you are not physically present at the farm (using mobile monitoring).
  • Whenever a planned action is carried out (such as treatment or barn service), check the recovery.
  • Whenever the system alerts, check the group to find the cause (panic, water supply or group mixing).