Know the status of every cow

Heatime® Pro eliminates the guesswork and inconsistency of managing your herd by measuring activity, rumination and behavioral patterns so you know the status of every cow, at any given time. Information can be evaluated on both an individual cow and a group basis. This allows for early identification of health, reproduction, nutrition and well-being issues.

Fast return on investment – typically a matter of months

The easy-to-use Heatime system provides quick results. Costs can be reduced on hormones, animal health treatments, pregnancy testing, and labor. Revenues can be boosted by shorter calving intervals, and early detection of illness enables prompt treatment to prevent further loss.

Peace of mind with 24/7 cow monitoring gives you know the status of every cow, anytime
Minimize lost production through early detection of health risks
Measure cow response to nutrition and ration change
Integrates information with dairy management and milk yield software
Improves labor efficiency by providing framework for individual cow management at any scale
Reduce cow stress with lower lock-up times
Improve conception by accurately identifying estrus and breeding windows