New Group Heat Stress Application - Overview

  • The Group Heat Stress application displays the current status and 48-hour trend of panting, ruminating and eating, all in five-minute resolution.
  • The application enables the farmer to see immediately if a group is getting overheated and to easily analyze the effectiveness of his farm heat mitigation strategies.
  • Using this graph together with the addition of reoccurring group events like milking, feeding, and cooling, will help the farm to evaluate and adjust its cooling regimens.
  • The Group Heat Stress application is available for HRLDnTags connected to DataFlowII and HeatimePro systems (as part of the New 1.2 protocol)
  • The new report and graphs are hidden while using the previous 1.0 mode.

New Group Heat Stress Application -Definitions

  • Supported systems: DataFlow™ II and Heatime® Pro systems
  • Supported tag: HRLDnversion and up (1.2 Protocol)

Group size:

–Group Heat Stress Graph: minimum 20 tags
–Group Daily Heat Stress Graph: minimum 10 tags
•Output: 2 graphs, 1 report
•Data interval: real-time
•Alerts: no