TMR-Feed Management

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  • The TMR Mixer has been developed with two important facts in mind – minimum cost with maximum reliability.
  • The compact design provides it with optimal maneuverability for flexible use and makes it the first choice.


  • The basic operation of TMR are simple:
  • You just have to follow 4 rules.
  1. Loading feed components: long before short and dry before moist.
  2. Loading concentrates: any time
  3. Mixing and discharging feed: with Auto reduction gear box.
  4. Using the counter blades: Required only for cutting and mixing depending on the length of feed components.


Siloking TMR Available from 5 Meter Cube to 40 Meter cube:

  • Light weight and compact.
  • The smart is suited for small farms.
  • Low loading Height.
  • Weighing system as standard.
  • Wide angle drive shaft.
  • Straw ring movable with chain(Optional)
  • Adjustable hardened XS knives.
  • Lower linkage ring 40MM fix with mechanical jack.
  • Additional foldable conveyor belt for feed discharge into higher(Optional)
  • Discharge door at front right and additional discharge door at rear left(Optional)

Edged hopper made of S355.

  • Robust axle frame chassis.
  • Tyre 10.0/75-15.3 14PR
  • Knives are made of an abration resistant stainless steel alloy.


  • Light weight and compact.
  • The 3 Cu M is suited for small farms.
  • Low loading Height.
  • Weighing Scale included with Horizontal TMR and optional for vertical TMR
  • Loader included in both Horizontal & Vertical.
  • One side discharge conveyor included in Horizontal TMR and optional for Vertical TMR.
Siloking TMr