Milking Equipment

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All our Milking equipment like Bucket Milking Machine, Milking Parlour, Pipeline System are widely appreciated by the clients for their optimum performance, durability, cost-effectiveness, easy operations and low maintenance cost.


The most tough job in the dairy farming is to milk the cow properly, timely with hygienic condition.

SEFA milking machines are capable of milking cows quickly and efficiently, use of this Milking Machine will save time, effort and money. We are using triangular liner technology which gives us gentler milking, less teat end damage:

*Faster Milking * Improved grip on teat * Improved teat health * lighter weight cluster

Single Bucket Milking Machine- 10 to 15 cows can be milked easily with this machine.

Double Bucket Milking machine- 15 to 20 cows can be milked easily with this machine.

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SEFA parlors use the latest technology for safety, comfort and productivity for both the cow and the farm person. Dairy cows go to the milking parlors to be milked at least twice a day and by an automatic machine that gently and safely removes just the right amount of milk ensuring complete safety to the teat. All the equipment used in our parlors are “state of the art technology” giving cows best of health and farm owner peace of mind by monitoring the farm at each stage sitting in comfort of their home!!!

There are two types of Milking parlors …..

FULLY AUTOMATIC PARLOR   STANDALONE PARLOR                                                 

2X3 Exp Upto 2X6 Automatic milking parlor 2