Pregnancy Probability

Pregnancy Probability

Pregnancy Probability − Overview

Market need:
•Better control of days open

•Aids the farmer:
–In determining whether a cow is pregnant after insemination.
–In determining whether a pregnant cow aborted.

Pregnancy Probability − Definitions

Supported systems: Heatime® HR/Pro, HealthyCow24®
•Supported Tags: HR LD
•Method of analysis: calculates the probability that a cow is pregnant based on insemination timing and heat parameters such as heat strength (Heat Index) and heat cycle history.
Output: report
•Pregnancy probability statuses: INSEM, LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH, ?NP and NP.
Note:all monitored animals must be collared with tags.

Pregnancy Probability − Technology

•The system algorithm evaluates the probability of pregnancy by analyzing events and heat history for each cow.
•The accuracy and performance of the application depends on the system data reliability. For this reason, the data in the system must be accurately documented!
•Better control over abortions: since the cycle history is part of the pregnancy probability calculation, the Suspected for Abortion report is more reliable.

Pregnancy Probability − Recommended Actions

Check the Pregnancy Probability report on a weekly basis to monitor the pregnancy probability progress during the days between the last insemination and until the status is HIGH.
•Check the cow pregnancy probability status in the system prior to performing a physical pregnancy examination.
•If a cow remains in INSEM status or dropping in her status, it means that the system identified signs of significant heat after the insemination.

Suspected for Abortion–Recommended Actionshow does it work?

Use the Suspected for Abortion report daily to monitor the following:
–A cow with a PREGNANT (actation) status and a pregnancy probability score that is not HIGH is at risk of abortion.
–The lower the score, the higher the risk of abortion.