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Glue Pro


Glue Pro –GluePro is an adhesive glue especially developed for cattle to glue wooden or rubber blocks underneath claws.GluePro has a unique “easy-snap-off-top” to allow you to open the tube quickly and easily without need for cutting pliers or any other tools. For optimum ease of use, we advise you to take off the cap, then, holding the tube top downwards, tick the snap-off-top inwards before removing it. Then both component outlets on the GluePro tubes are fully open and ready for optimum use.

Characteristics GluePro:

  • Fast curing polyurethane adhesive glue
  • Guaranteed solid adhesion
  • Setting time: within 30 seconds. After 2 minutes the hoofblock is ready so the cow can lean on it with its full weight
  • Very low heat development during setting of the glue
  • Glue can be applied with a regular 2 component dosing gun
  • The components are mixed in the correct proportions in the mixing tip
  • Expiry date at least one year (10 months after opening the cartridge)
  • 7 to 9 applications with one cartridge
  • Unique “easy snap off top” to open the cartridge easily without any tools or pliers
  • No penetrating or disturbing smell
    For the best result the claw should be clean and dry. A heatgun or hairdryer can be used to dry the claw
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